So those who know me well, know that I am currently at Region one’s KCACTF. ( its a theatre conference.) This conference brought up an issue I keep seeming to have; there’s so much that I want to do, so I find ways to push myself to try to do it all. And then I crash and burn. I know I need to learn to pick my battles so that I can follow through, because I feel awful when I don’t accomplish things… I feel awful for saying I would do something that I didn’t… but THEN when the opportunity occurs again… I do it again. It makes me feel like a phony and a liar. Not to mention the initial effort put forth to do it all tends to come back to bite me in the butt… so to say. And realistically… I KNOW if i didn’t say I would do so much, I would do a much better job on the things I do. As much as I prioritize, I feel like I never prioritize right. I need an OA. Overachievers Anonymous.


I hate doctors visits. Every time I go, it seems they find something else wrong with me. This time is no different. There’s something wrong in my abdomen. Even better, the nurse practitioner I saw is taking a very negative look on things, and is thinking of the worst, before we even know what it is. Needless to say, shes freaked me out. But I started thinking, this year was the first year I didn’t have a new years resolution. I’m in a solid relationship, I have amazing friends who care about me, I’m more comfortable with myself, and I know what I want for a future, and how to get there. Instead of freaking out over the big things, I’ve decided to make a list of all the little things I want to do in the next year. Even though I’m doing this while potentially freaking out over health stuff, this is NOT a bucket list. Its just a list of the little things that I find ridiculous that I haven’t done yet/ are afraid to do. I better not be sick, because I have a hell of a lotta stuff I want to do both in 2014 and the many years after.

*this list is subject to grow as I think of more random things, and trust me I will.

1. Jump off the high diving board

2. Travel somewhere fun with friends

3. Ride an upside down roller coaster

4. Donate Blood for a blood drive

5. Have a blanket fort party in the living room

6. Take a road trip

7. Take a one time class for fun.



Shana tova. Alright I’m a bit late here, rosh hashanna was last week, and the new school year began three weeks ago. But still, it feels like a new year. So I took a lazy summer. I didn’t really accomplish much other than sleeping,cooking, paying bills and harassing Jordan. Now it’s back to school and it feels like a new year. It’s crazy that its my senior year and yet school-wise It feels like this is one of my most lax semesters. The biggest thing this semester (school-wise at least, I don’t count driving lessons or my GRE’s/ graduate school applications as “school” ) is my advanced honors project, which is in the work. My group is approved to meet, I’m approved to conduct human research and I tentatively have three credits on my transcript for the first semesters worth of the group. I’m still waiting for my proposal to be approved by the honors council, but i’m confident that it will, even if it takes some time. I’m really excited for my group to begin. I have my first weeks activities already planned out along with a few friends who have already agreed to join. I have fliers up in the health center, and my own posters in the works which I plan to put up over the weekend. My project is to see the results of incorporating expressive arts into a support group setting. It should be fun, and then after running the group and collecting data, next semester I will compose a thesis paper explaining my process and results 🙂 The other big things I’m working on this semester all have to do with Senate. I am hoping to increase relations between my campus and a local arts gallery downtown as well as organizing a showcase for Music, Theater and arts students 😀 I’m going to try to blog more often, Its nice to have a space to put my thoughts down.

I want meatloaf.

Ive wanted it for days and i’ve had leftover turkeyburger patties in my freezer. So i decided to go for it. I modified this recipe ( substituting everything for half size, changing the onion soup to onion powder and breadcrumbs to cornmeal. And now i get to anxiously sit. and wait. My life is awesome. As i procrastinate from doing my hw.

This summer im trying to better myself both physically and mentally. Nothing too crazy, mind you ( i refuse to go weight watchers, mostly out of protest to my mother and laziness to count numbers) but seriously…baby steps. heres the list of what im working on! Encouragement is always appreciated. (and sometimes necessary)

  • trying to make my posture better ( i can hear my voice teacher saying ears on shoulders in my head lol)
  • Working out (in some capacity) once a day. (mostly bike riding and home exercises… jordans convinced hes gonna get me to do a push up before the summers over lol)
  • Eat healthier! less crap! (mostly attempting to only have 1-2 sodas a day, and less sugary stuff, im thinking of allowing myself 2 big treats a week)
  • Meditate once a day ( mostly to counter-balance the stress of the gre’s lol) I started smiling mind ( ) (( Australian accent ftw)
  • actually test my blood sugar at least 3 times a day. (its harder than you think to kick a bad habbit >.< )
  • And lastly actually wear my clothing. ( i like feeling pretty! Plus i bought all this clothing, i might as well wear it lol)

Will any of this work? Will I stick with it? Stay tuned to find out!

To do list:

Write advanced honors proposal

Online Psychology class homework

Gre diagnostic test

Study for gre

complete CITI

rinse and repeat…

oy vey =/

An old style pearl necklace from the 40’s

more collar necklaces

an old style shorts bikini

a flapper dress

an 80s mod dress

a 70’s frindge dress

another snake ring

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